So, I finally watched Wonder Woman last night and yes, for the first time. And after all of it, my only thought, the only one, was, “so, where’s Wonder Woman now?”

Let me just take you back a little bit, Wonder Woman is something I knew God wanted me to watch. I have never been a movie person, it takes a real good movie to sit me down, and otherwise I sleep. Wonder Woman was really boring too; I couldn’t watch it twice, that would have been 4 hours of just watching. So yeah, never watched any comical movie (that is those superhero things). But I had a drawing to Wonder Woman, I just wanted to watch. I avoided reviews and spoilers etc, I let it be until I had enough time and yesterday was that day. This picture I used is my favourite because when I saw it about two-three weeks ago, it reminded me of Jesus’ warrior bride.

So, I unfortunately didn’t get quotes or “Wow moments” to spice the review up, infact, I kept getting distracted, the whole movie is somewhat a blur to me.

First things first, this lady Diana is a woman of purpose, she had a passion to fight from a young age and she learnt despite opposition and what not. To me, this meant that you really can’t hide who you are. I believe we’re all give passions that are designed to show us what we’re meant to do. I really feel that it is very important, very important to pay attention to the desires of your heart. I believe that God has the ability to work through the will of a man. After all, I have often heard that God plants desires in our hearts. One might ask, “Even evil desires?” I think for every decision you make, you must be able to ask God about it and I also believe there’s no shame in asking for “prophetic help” from other people (even though that usually doesn’t work very well for me lol).

Still on the purpose point, as she grew, Diana was surrounded by people who had been where she was supposed to go, and knew who she was, what she was meant to do and what she needed to do what she was meant to do. Mentors. These are very important, I know that not every person will understand where you are coming from, but that’s how come parents are very important. Take my mother for instance, she gave birth to me and saw me grow up. And that she knows where I’m coming from gives her the right to instruct me and I can trust that her instructions and blessings are correct. I’ll tell you something lol, sometimes, I mess up and my dad “talks to me” a lot lol. Once, he told me that the way I behave is exactly how he used to behave and he said something about how he knows exactly what I think and how because I am exactly like him. Lol. That alone is enough to make me realize that I need to listen. This paragraph is already long enough, I’m breaking it.

Mentors may be a little different from parents, they may not know where we are coming from but they have what you need to do what you’re meant to do. Swaady Martin, one of Africa’s influential entrepreneurs said in a show I watched once that the reason she is so successful is because when she begins a project she networks with people who have done what she wants to do before she can even start planning. Speaks for itself. However, I have done this before and landed in the wrong hands, when I say wrong, I mean wrong, I’m still scarred by my experience and I’m yet to try again. One really needs to learn where to draw the line and to be discerning with who speaks into your life lol, turns out their sponsor was Diana’s and the world’s enemy all along.

Born to fight? What I found even more interesting is that she had literally become fighting, to mean that everything around her, in her view should always connect to she is. When she comes to the “normal world”, she is given one of those large princess dresses and she asks how anyone can fight in such an attire. That could be bad because it makes a person narrow minded, but it’s also good because it keeps you on course, you stay exactly where you’re supposed to be and do things according to that. Consider the powerful army described in Joel 2:2-11. I believe their organization describe in 7b and 8a, they stay in their own lanes and things like that. So it’s important to take in so much of what you’re supposed to be that it consumes you and you become it, it causes you to behave in alignment with where you want to go.

Secondly, I found it very interesting that she was so filled with compassion. When she started seeing all the bad things going on, I couldn’t help but think of how I’d feel if I came from a better place and I saw people living in a way they shouldn’t. Diana came from a good place, no war and its damning effects whatsoever. So getting to a place like that must be really sad. I quickly remembered that we too must be filled with compassion because we have lived a higher life and we know that there is better and so it hurts us to see other people living in a way that they shouldn’t. We will fight the enemy out of love and compassion. To preach salvation, we must be saved as well and live in the light of the salvation we have received and so on and so forth. Kindly refer to 1st John 1:1-3.

Also going back to the place she was raised and trained where everything was good reminded me of how we really need to renew our minds and be transformed. Everything was so strange to Diana when she when she went down to the normal earth, that’s how it’s supposed to be for us, poverty should not be normal, we should be horrified ant sickness and other oppressions. We should be so horrified we should be moved to compassion.

Aww, are you still reading? Thank you hehe.

And now, what I found the most interesting is every time she would fight someone she would start by introducing herself, it’s not a foreign concept. When I studied Numbers, I noticed that when Moses was selecting the army people, he made them recite their genealogy; Matthew introduced Jesus by stating His physical origins and John by His spiritual origins. Even Paul begins most of His letters by stating whose he is or who sent him! When I read Numbers 1:18, the question “Do you know who you are?” jumped up from the page, to my head and my heart, leaving me excited to say the least. See, to fight, you must know who you are. You must first establish that you have legal ground to fight.

“ My name is Jael, I am a daughter of God and nothing that stands against Dad’s will is allowed to stand unalert and comfortably so in my presence. I am the enemy.” That felt so good hehe.

Another big thing for me was when she called Aries her brother, I didnn’t get it so Rhudo, my sister, had to explain it to me, turns out Diana was born of Zeus, thus she was a god, that’s how come she could kill him. A god can only be killed by another god. Reminded me of how we are seated in heavenly places in Christ and how we are even on a higher place than Satan and his pets lol. Remember Moses and how God made him a god?

Another was how she got stronger with every attack and was finally able to kill Aries. I believe this brings me back to the principle of stretching. Her willingness to endure attacks and I think faith in her abilities was a major factor in building her willingness to endure.


That’s all I remember, I remember writing some stuff in my diary about callings and Reinhard Bonnke lol, but my diary’s way too far right now. I’ll edit when I get the chance.

Soo, where’s Wonder Woman now?